Marathon Trails & Maps

Welcome to the Cumberland County Hiking Marathon. As you hike these trails you will enjoy a wide variety of terrain and geographical features. We hope this marathon takes you places that you would not normally go and that you have positive experiences along the way. We hope you enjoy hiking these trails but please stay on the trail when hiking and respect private property in residential communities. Carry plenty of water at all times, use bug-spray and watch your step – it is easy to twist an ankle on rocks and tree roots. Pets are permitted on all trails but please pick up after your dog if it fouls the trail-bed. The information on this page is for hikers who are doing the Full Marathon (26.2 miles) or the Half Marathon (13.1 miles.)

Fairfield Glade Trails

1. Overlook Trail

This is a hiker favorite and annual standard. The trail was extensively rerouted in 2017 to eliminate grassy roads and a logging road from the route. A 2nd reroute was completed in 2021 to improve the safety on a steep part of the trail below the parking lot. Allow an 1.0 to 1.5 hours walking time to complete this trail – not including stops to rest or enjoy the scenery. This trail is a lollipop layout…hike the short stem, then at the junction turn left or right to go around the lollipop. Particularly enjoy the section along Daddy’s Creek. Walking alongside water is always interesting. 

Driving Directions
From the Peavine Road/Stonehenge Drive junction, take Peavine going east for half a mile. Turn right onto Westchester drive. After 3.0 miles, just after passing Dorchester Golf Club, turn left onto Windsor Road. Take the second right onto Wimberley Road then immediately turn left onto the gravel road. This road ends at the Overlook parking area and trailhead. After parking your vehicle and enjoying the views from the overlook enter the trail on the left.

2. Fairfield Glade Library Trail

This is a “lollipop” trail with a loop and a stem.

Begin the trail  by the lower level of the Fairfield Glade library and follow it to the T-junction. Turn left towards Cromwell Lane. Stop at the bridge when you see the Marathon Stop sign and turn around. On the way back go right at the “Y”, go past the mini golf and  back to your vehicle.

Driving Directions
From the junction of Peavine Road and Stonehenge Drive, take Peavine Road east for half a mile (away from I-40) to Snead Drive. Turn right on Snead. Travel about 0.5 miles to Lakeview Drive. Turn right on Lakeview. Travel about 0.5 miles to the Library  building on the right.

Trailhead is located on the lower left side of the Library, near the restrooms.

3. Fairfield Glade Seven Bridges Trail

This trail begins at the Methodist Church on Westchester Drive. It is a pleasant walk through the woods by a number of streams with, you have guessed it, seven bridges. As you can see on the map it is a lollipop configuration where you walk half a mile up the stem and then a one-mile loop before returning to the trailhead along the stem.

Driving Directions
From the junction of Peavine Road and Stonehenge Drive head east along Peavine Road for 0.5 miles. Turn right on to Westchester. Head south for 0.7 miles and pull into the first parking lot of the Methodist Church where trail parking is permitted. Cross the road to the trail head.

4. Fairfield Glade Yellow Loop


This trail takes you through the Fairfield Glade canyon, along the edge of the Good Samaritan Campus, along a Catoosa Boulevard sidewalk, into the Hickory Ridge subdivision, and down the “Connector” trail and back to your car.    The trail has been extensively rerouted recently due to the planned construction of new homes in the area. The new route is much more hiker-friendly than the old route and we are sure you will enjoy it. Navigate carefully and follow the Yellow trail markers, and the Marathon arrows.

Driving Directions
From the junction of Peavine Road and Stonehenge Drive, take Peavine Road east for half a mile and turn left on to Catoosa Boulevard. After 2.8 miles turn into parking area on your right  marked with a “Nature Trails” sign. 

Note: Please do not park near the water tower as there is no longer access to the trail from that location due to planned construction.

5. Fairfield Glade Red Loop

This is the trailhead for both the Hemlock Trail and the Rotherham Trail. We strongly recommend that you hike this loop in the counter-clockwise direction as marked on this map as this avoids climbing up the very steep Rotherham Trail. Follow the red hike markers.

Proceed along the end of the lake to the trailhead sign for the Hemlock Trail. Follow the trail, past the majestic Hemlock tree for which the trail was named, and after half a mile it crosses Rotherham Drive. After another third of a mile it comes to Catoosa Boulevard and parallels the road for a quarter of a mile before turning back into the woods where it goes behind Bluff View Terrace and climbs upwards for nearly half a mile to the Good Samaritan Trail. Turn left and follow the trail behind the Good Samaritan assisted living facility for a half a mile until you reach the intersection with the Rotherham Trail.

Turn left onto the Rotherham Trail and follow the trail as it descends steeply into the valley. After half a mile the trail turns left along the creek and levels out for an easy walk for the last half-mile to the Rotherham Drive parking lot where the hike started.

Driving Directions
From the junction of Peavine Road and Stonehenge Drive, take Peavine Road
east for half a mile and turn left on to Catoosa Boulevard. After about 1.2 miles turn left on to Rotherham Drive. Drive down the steep hill and after 0.6 miles you will come to the parking lot on the left at the end of Lake Dartmoor.

Note: There is alternative parking available on Catoosa Boulevard at the junction with Kingsbridge Lane (Blue Hike Parking). 

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Cumberland County Trails

6. Soldier’s Beach Trail, Meadow Park

It is recommended that you follow the signs and hike this 1.7-mile trail in a counter-clockwise direction. It is a very pretty trail with not many uphill sections to be negotiated and many views across the lake. The trail does pass close to the lakeshore so children do need to be supervised.

Note: This is called Soldier’s Beach Trail because, during World War 2, German Prisoners of War from a camp in Crossville were used to build a recreational facility here for US Soldier’s families. 

Driving Directions
To get to Meadow Park take Lantana Road, Highway 101, south out of Crossville. After about 3.5 miles, go straight through the lights where Highway 282 turns off for Lake Tansi. The road narrows from four lanes down to two lanes. After another mile turn right on to City Lake Road. There is a large Meadow Park sign on the corner. The trail-head parking is about half a mile on the left before you get to the Marina. You might want to follow City Lake Road to where it dead-ends at the park marina and office. Enjoy the views across the lake, and maybe use the restrooms at the campsite. 

7. Lake Alice Trail

Note: The trail-head is on Yonside Drive but there is only parking for a couple of vehicles. We recommend parking on the gravel lot on West Lake Road.


This is a nice walk through the woods with lake views.  From the parking on West Lake Road, walk up Yonside Drive ashort distance turning right where the Lake Alice Trail kiosk is.  Follow the trail markers in a clockwise direction around Lake Alice until it ends at West Lake Road where you turn right for a short walk back to the parking.   This trail has had many improvements over the last few years adding bridges, boardwalks, trailhead kiosks, benches and 911 markers. 

Driving Directions

The Lake Alice Trail is in Uplands Village, Pleasant Hill.  Take the Sparta highway from Crossville for 10 miles then, shortly after passing a gas station on the left, take the right turn on East Main Street into the village. Pass the Elementary School and a short distance later turn right on to West Lake Road. After about half a mile pull over to the right onto the gravel trailhead parking.

8. Habitat Trail

This is the newest trail in Crossville. It opened in July 2022. The trail-head  parking is on Deerfield Road. The trail starts across the road from the parking lot. This is an easy lollypop trail along the Obed River.

Head into the woods from the parking lot.  Pass the start of the Town Branch Spur on the right. Keep going crossing the creek itself using stepping stones. Look for the large Hilltoppers Bridge on the left. Cross the bridge over Spiers Branch Creek and follow the trail for about half a mile along the Obed River. At the end of the trail is a short loop which you navigate before returning the way you came.

On the way back after crossing the Hilltoppers Bridge and stepping over the Town Branch creek, take the trail on the left and check out the Town Branch Spur. It is an additional 0.2 mile, each way in and out, spur trail  We recommend that you take the time to check out this extra section of trail. 

Driving Directions

Take Miller Avenue to the stop light at the TCAT college. Take 10th street alongside the college. Follow the road to the stop sign on Deerfield Road. Turn right and the trailhead parking lot will be  on your left.

9. Meditation Trail


Please do not hike this trail on a Sunday morning as the parking lot will be full with the St Raphael congregation’s cars.

Enter the Meditation Trail and enjoy an easy walk in this quiet spot close to the bustling activity in Crossville. As you will see on the hike, in recent years there has been extensive tree damage from straight-line winds When you reach the creek you will cross using the large rocks in the creek-bed. Should the water in the creek be too high to cross just return to the parking lot and repeat the loop a second time.

Driving Directions:

The street address is 1038 Sparta Highway, Crossville, TN.

Head out of Crossville along Sparta Highway, Route 70. After three quarters of a mile pass Ace Hardware on the right. Approximately a quarter of a mile after Ace turn right into the parking lot of the St Raphael Episcopal Church.  Park behind the church close to the trailhead.St Raphael’s 

10. Cumberland Mountain State Park:
Pioneer Short Trail


This is a mostly shaded 2.1 mile picturesque loop trail around a section of Byrd Lake. Going counterclockwise around the lake you will come to Picnic Rock about one quarter of a mile in.  This is a nice place to get some photos of Byrd Lake.  Continuing on you will come to the suspension bridge about one mile in total.  There you will cross the upper section of Byrd Lake near the location where Byrd Creek comes in using the bridge. After climbing the hill you will begin your return trip down some stone steps that were installed by the CCC back in the early 1930’s. In about a mile you will come to a wooden bridge which you will cross to return to the parking lot. 

Trail Directions:

  1. Trailhead is near the boat dock
  2. Begin by going right and staying on the parking lot side of Byrd Lake
  3. In about one quarter mile you will come to Picnic Rock
  4. Continue another three quarters of a mile to the suspension bridge
  5. Cross the bridge then walk up the steps
  6. Turn left to begin the return trip
  7. In about a mile cross the wood bridge to the boat dock
  8. Continue up the steps and return to the parking lot

Driving Directions
The Cumberland Mountain State Park is very well known and there are plenty of road signs directing you to the park, which is about four miles south east of Crossville on Highway 127.

There is plenty of parking in the park but please do not park in the restaurant parking lot as that gets very busy at times. We suggest you park near the kayak boat dock behind the restaurant.

11 Cumberland Trail at Peavine Road

CROSS THE ROAD from the parking area and follow the winding trail. After 1.3 miles the trail crosses an old gravel logging road and after 2.2 miles you reach the wooden bridge over McGinnis Creek. Stop, rest, have a drink, enjoy the rocks and vegetation, and then retrace your steps back to your vehicle.

Driving Directions
This trailhead is exactly 3.0 miles from the corner of Peavine Road and Catoosa Blvd, (and Westchester Dr.) on Peavine Road in Fairfield Glade. Park on the right side of the road across from the trailhead. After parking CROSS THE ROAD to the start of the trail. (If you do not cross the road you may start along the Cumberland Trail in wrong direction  – towards Brady Mountain)

12. Woodlawn Loop Trail

This is a delightful figure-of-eight woodland trail that was constructed in 2017. Part of the trail is along the Little Obed River but you only get glimpses of the river as you pass close by.

As you walk along the river take note of the location of the proposed new bridge across the Little Obed River. This bridge may be constructed in 2023 or 2024 as part of the paved trail project between Centennial Park and the Obed River Park.

Driving Directions
From the I-40 highway take Genesis Road towards Crossville. Take the third road on the right, which is Woodlawn Road. Proceed for about half a mile then turn left onto Wyatt Court, opposite the Lighthouse Baptist Church. The road passes between a couple of industrial buildings and becomes a gravel road. Continue a short distance after passing through the gateway and pull into the trail-head parking area.

13. Maryetta Trail

This trail is a 1.7 mile “lollipop” trail in the woods pretty close to downtown Crossville. One leg of the loop is along the Obed River. The return is higher up the hillside. Depending on the wind direction there is sometimes an unpleasant odor on part of the trail from the nearby Flowers Bakery wastewater pre-treatment facility.

Driving Directions

Take Sparta Highway from West Avenue at Krogers. After half a mile turn right onto the driveway of the Crossville Wastewater Treatment Facility. Before reaching the gates, turn left on the gravel track down to the trail-head parking area.