Common Questions

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Yes. Go here to register

No. Only hikes completed in September are valid for the marathon.

This year things are a little different. Any combination of trails that exceed 13.1 miles is acceptable for the Half Marathon.

No. There is no charge to enter this marathon.

No. You are only competing against yourself. The only similarity to a marathon race is the distance of 26.2 miles.

Absolutely yes. You can hike the trails anytime in September (….in dayllight hours and when the facilities are open.) to get credit for each hike. The guided hikes are just offered for those hikers who prefer not to venture into the woods on their own.

Our T-shirt supplier, Mark Elmore, tells me that the shirts are “unisex” sizes. This link shows the measurements:

Yes. Any combination of Marathon trails identified on the Log Sheet that exceed 13.1 is acceptable for the Half Marathon.

Yes, if you complete at least one trail. The main purpose of this marathon is to encourage people to get out and explore these trails in order to discover new parts of the county that they have not seen before and to get a little exercise. As long as you make a sincere effort to hike we will give you a T-shirt at the “Hit the Trails Festival.

The patches are a little different. We really want to to preserve the integrity of the patches and we will only give them to people who have genuinely completed all the Full Marathon Trails.

 The bandanas were introduced to add a little more fun to the event. Dogs do not need a log sheet! We will take the owners at their word. As long as the dogs are registered and have completed at least one trail they will get a bandana.

There is no particular agreement on which tails are easier than others. It may help just to get the John Conrad ranking. These are all the trails listed in order from easiest to hardest in “my opinion.” EASIEST (TOP OF LIST) TO MOST DIFFICULT (BOTTOM) #8  Garrison Park and Fourth Street #9 CMSP ADA & Pioneer Short Trail #2 Glastowbury Trail #7 St Raphael Church Trail #6 Plantation Trail #10 Cumberland Trail Black Mountain #5 Soldier’s Beach Trail #1 Overlook Trail #4 FG Red Hike #3 FG Yellow Hike #11 Cumberland Trail: Peavine to McGinnis Creek I am sure no else will agree with my ranking but hopefully it will give an idea about the relative difficulty of the trails.
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