About the Hiking Marathon

This hiking marathon was started by an idea that came from Hot Springs, AR, where the community,held a marathon on their trails. Fairfield Glade volunteers had been building trails for four years and it was thought that holding a marathon would be a great way to promote the use of the trails. The Friends of the Trails offered to organize the event and generous sponsors stepped forward which enabled it to be free to enter for all hikers.

The first marathon in 2015 was extremely successful. Over 300 completed the marathon. This happened with little publicity. The marathon caught the imagination of the local people in Cumberland County. The second marathon in 2016 was also very successful. Over 600 people entered the marathon. Once again this happened with little publicity but we did form a committee to spread the workload and ensure that this community event continues for many years to come.

It continues to grow in popularity:

2017:   900 registrations.

2018:  over 1,500 registrations

2019: over 1,800 registrations

2020: 0ver 2,000 registrations

Make a tax deductible donation to Friends of the Trails for use on the hiking trails in Cumberland County. You can specify how or where your donation should be used. We will mail you a receipt for tax purposes.
John Conrad and friends on the trail.

Hiking Marathon Committee

John Conrad


John has been involved in organizing this event since the very first marathon in 2015. He has followed its growth into a community wide event with a great deal of satisfaction. As President of the Friends of the Trails he is involved in all aspects of trails in Cumberland County.

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Michelle Bayless


You might know Michelle from her very creative work as Newsletter Editor for the Friends of the Trails. She is an enthusiastic hiker and as a member of the Fairfield Glade Trails Committee is involved in all aspects of the trails in Fairfield Glade.

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Darla Caswell


Darla is always smiling. As a resident of Crossville and a member of the Plateau Chapter of TTA she helps broaden the committee perspective from its origins in Fairfield Glade. Darla is a hardworking, and always willing, member of the committee.

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Mary deWolf


Mary is another founding member of the Marathon Committee and her common sense approach to issues is much appreciated. You probably recognize Mary from her role as organizer of the Hit the Trails festival, which she has done for many years.

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Don Hazel


Everybody knows Don Hazel. Our local resident expert in all things nature.

Since the start of the marathon, Don has been responsible for putting together the list of trails each year. He does an astounding job of picking a varied, challenging, maybe a little controversial, but always satisfying, selection of trails.

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Cheryl Heckler


Cheryl is a newcomer to the committee but brings a wealth of experience as she was the  Chair of the Plateau Chapter of the Tennessee Trails Association for many years. Cheryl works at Uplands Village in Pleasant Hill so can also represent that part of the county.

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Levonn Hubbard


Levonn knows everyone around Crossville which has proven very useful time and again as we set up the marathon program. Levonn has been on Board of Directors of the Tennessee Trails Association for many years so is well aware of the politics trails and what it takes to get things done.

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Ethan Medly


Ethan is our newest member of the committee. As he Director of Recreation and Leisure Services for the City of Crossville he is well position to support the marathon in many ways.

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Bob Obohoski


Bob has been our guided hike leader for many years. He arranges for the Fairfield Glade Friday Hiking Group to hike marathon trails in the county and for the Fairfield Glade Tuesday hiking group to hike trails inside Fairfield Glade. He has lots of hiking experience with the TTA and exploring the Big South Fork Park.


Jill Parham


Jill brings her love of hiking to the committee. As a Crossville resident she also introduces a county wide perspective.  As a Platinum Sponsor with Exit Realty she is a strong supporter of the Hiking Marathon.

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Shari Hahn


Shari has been responsible for the very efficient distribution of all the T-shirts at the trails festival for the last couple of years. She has done a tremendous job in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions.

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Tom Buckley


Tom is responsible for organizing the team of workers that “prep” the marathon trails. This includes removing fallen tree, weed-eating as necessary and the installation of all the signs need to find and navigate the trails.

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