2024 Hiking Marathon

Hit the Trails Festival

Saturday, October 7th, 2023 10am to 2pm at The Square, Peavine Road, Fairfield Glade

Come and learn all about the outdoors in Fairfield Glade.. We are looking forward to an exciting event again this year. We have expanded from being just about trails to include all outdoor activities available to Fairfield Glade and Cumberland County residents and visitors. Last year we had over 1,500 attendees so we are hoping for even more this year if the weather cooperates.

There will be live music and concessions stands selling burgers, hotdogs, etc. With over thirty information booths there will be plenty to interest everyone.

There will be a lot of activity at the Marathon tent as we hand out the T-shirts and patches to the hikers.

Volunteers at all the other booths will be handing out information about their organization or activity..

Participating Organizations

These organizations are invited to participate in the 2023 festival.

  1. T-shirt Distribution
  2. Help Desk
  3. “I Did it!” Photo Opportunity
  4. FG Trails Committee
  5. Meteorologist Mark/Bigfoot
  6. Friends of the Trails
  7. Cumberland Trails Conference
  8. Friends of Cumberland Mountain State Park
  9. Cumberland Forest Friends
  10. Hurricane Cycles
  11. FG Lakes Committee
  12. FG Environmental Committee
  13. FG Sailing Club – Greg Rydz
  14. Tennessee Bluebird Society
  15. TTA Plateau Chapter
  16. FG Kayak Connection
  17. FG Garden Club
  18. FG Cycling Group
  19. Crossville Leisure Services
  20. Crossville Disc Golf – Ethan Hadley
  21. Wildwood Stables
  22. FG Police Department
  23. FG Fire Department
  24. Cumberland County Beekeepers
  25. Cumberland County Master Gardeners
  26. FG Community Gardens
  27. FG Bass Fishing Club
  28. Obed Watershed Community Association
  29. Morgan County Marathon/Trails
  30. Southern Off Road Bicycle Association
  31. The Outpost – Meadow Creek Park
  32. All the Sponsors2023 

Criteria for Hit the Trails Participants

We welcome participants in our very successful “Hit the Trails”. In order to keep the festival focused on outdoor activities for the local residents and visitors, we have established  criteria for groups and organizations that would like to participate. Potential participating organizations will be welcome to have a booth at the event if they meet both of these criteria:

You do not need to be a 501(c)3 organization. Fund-raising sales such as the sale of plants by the Garden Club, the sale of organization memberships, the sale of an organization’s publicity merchandise such as patches, stickers, coffee mugs, etc. are acceptable. The collection of donations, sponsorships and personal contact information is also acceptable

For-profit organizations that market products related to outdoor activities are invited to participate. For example, kayaks, cycles, inline skates, etc. Marketing and advertising of products is encouraged. The actual selling of products during the festival is discouraged. Commercial organizations such as, insurance companies or companies marketing home products such as replacement windows are not permitted.

The primary purpose of the organization must be one or more outdoor activities.  The purpose will usually be to participate in the outdoor activity but the promotion, education or support of the activity is also acceptable. Outdoor activities may include outdoor recreation activities or outdoor volunteer activities such as trail-building, watershed surveys, hemlock tree surveys, etc. 

Sponsors who donate $500 or more may participate in the festival without qualifying with the other criteria.

Organizations whose primary purpose is the advocacy of political candidates, political parties, specific items of legislation, public policy, community groups or religions are not acceptable.

Trails Festival Gallery