Privacy Policy

Questions about the Hiking Marathon or how Friends of the Trails (FOTT) will collect and use data from this website? contact us at

Data Collection

Hikers who register for the Hiking Marathon provide some limited personal data such as name, email address, T-shirt size, etc.. This individual personal information is collected by the Friends of the Trails (FOTT) and is not shared with anyone outside the FOTT organization.

Data Usage

The personal information is used in just three ways:

  • It is used to subscribe all registered hikers to the FOTT Email List. This list is used to communicate administrative information to all registered hikers before and during the Hiking Marathon. It is also used to communicate publicity material such as the quarterly newsletter, meeting announcements, etc., after the Hiking Marathon.  Any subscriber to the email list may Unsubscribe from the list at any time using the Unsubscribe link in the footer of all emails sent out.
  • It is used, in summary form, to determine the number of T-shirts, patches, etc. that need to be purchased.
  • It is used, in summary form, to create a statistical profile of each Hiking Marathon based on participants age-range, zip code, etc.

Data Retention

Individual personal information in the FOTT Email List is retained as long as the individual is subscribed to the list. Individual personal information specific to a Hiking Marathon, etc. will be retained for five years and then destroyed. Summary information that is not traceable to any individual may be retained indefinitely.

Gaia GPS Tracks

We provide Gaia GPS tracks for each trail to assist hikers in navigating the route. We use Gaia GPS tracks because they are convenient as many committee members have the app on their phones. We do not endorse the app and we do not receive any financial sponsorship from Gaia GPS.